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There is current information floating around in media that the Port Moody Police have someone in custody related to the ongoing IHIT investigation into yesterday’s homicide.

The Port Moody Police would like to clarify that we have no one in custody related to this matter. At no point have we claimed to have anyone in custody related to this matter. The PMPD are not involved in this investigation. 

The matter is being conducted by IHIT and they can be contacted for updates surrounding the homicide.

During the initial stages of yesterday’s tragic shooting in Burnaby the city was made aware that there was a possible safety issue for two of its employees. As such, steps were taken to safeguard their well-being. As the evening progressed, we were made aware that the threat had subsided and the employees were no longer in danger. As a precaution, Police had a marked unit at city works for the morning until other employees could be made aware that there were no safety issues.




Community Update June 1-17, 2015

The following are items of interest for the period of June 1-18, 2015:


Thefts from vehicles continue to be a problem across our community. Over the past few weeks we have seen thefts from all corners of the community. Some people opt to leave their doors unlocked or windows down to prevent damage by thieves (this does not always work and is less productive when people still leave things in their unlocked vehicle). If you are one of these people and someone has broken into your car please contact us. Regardless of if you think something was stolen or not, we need to know when and where these events are happening so that we can adjust our resources appropriately.

We have recently had thefts in Glenayre, Klahanie, Guildford way, off Parkside Drive, off April Rd and around Kyle Street. Some are from unlocked vehicles; others are having windows smashed out. The best way to prevent and stop thefts from vehicles is to stop leaving items in cars. If a thief is being driven by addiction all the loose change from various cars adds up quickly to feed their habit.

On June 4 at around 9pm a resident on Clearview Drive was watching TV in bed when her dog started barking and ran into the kitchen. She followed and found the dog barking at a male trying to break into the house through the kitchen door. She yelled at the male causing him to flee. A police dog track was unable to locate the suspect. Fortunately no access was gained. The suspect was described as a thin Asian male, 5’5” wearing a black jacket, ball cap and jeans.

If you’ve brought your bicycle out of storage and are enjoying riding through our lovely community, take a minute to write down the serial number and take a current image of the bike. Thieves love bikes. Sadly, most of the time owners don’t know the serial number. With a serial number we can flag a bike as stolen on CPIC…which means if an officer comes across you bike and runs the serial number we can return it to you.

Community Update May 15 - 31, 2015

The following are items of interest for the period of May 15 - 31, 2015


As many of you are aware the Coquitlam RCMP recently noted an increase in vehicle thefts from their area. Our thefts are up from this time last year (9 vehicles stolen compared with 5 from last year). Of note, the majority of stolen vehicles are Ford trucks and Honda Civics. Also, 3 of our victims had left spare keys in the car. We recommend the use of anti-theft devices.

Increase in graffiti noted around the community especially at the skate park.

$200 worth of vitamins were stolen from a local store.

Someone has tried (and failed) to break into a number of businesses along St. Johns Street by twisting off the main lock with a wrench.

The communal mailbox on Ravine Drive was broken into. If you live in that area please be diligent about your bills for the next few months.

Community Update May 1-14, 2015

The following are items of interest for the period of May 1-14, 2015:


Ongoing thefts of liquor from local stores.

A vehicle had the passenger window smashed overnight on Wildwood Drive. Thieves stole two satchels which were abandoned further down the road.

Two vehicles were broken into on Ravine Drive. The driver’s windows were smashed, the cars were rummaged through and change was taken.

A vehicle was broken into on Sentinel Road. The passenger window was smashed and the centre console interior change tray was stolen along with various other small items.

A mother had her baby stroller stolen from her carport on Balmoral Place.

An insecure vehicle was rummaged through overnight on Klahanie Drive.

An insecure vehicle was rummaged through and items stolen overnight from Maple Drive.

Theft from vehicle on Princeton Ave. Window smashed for access and a briefcase stolen.

Theft from vehicle on Yale Rd. Window smashed for access and the owner’s wallet and loose change stolen.  Multiple other insecure vehicles were rummaged through on that street.

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