The Port Moody Police have noticed a recent increase in property crime, specifically around Heritage Mountain and the underground parkade in Suter Brook Village. Property crime is a serious matter we do not take lightly. To address the issue we have deployed more police resources to the targeted areas. In addition, our dedicated Community Services Section volunteers are focusing vehicle and bike patrols at these locations. Property criminals are often opportunistic, taking advantage of people forgetting to lock their doors or leaving valuables in view in their vehicles. The Port Moody Police want to remind our community to properly secure their homes and vehicles. The Port Moody police also recommend that you consider changing your locks after tenancy is changed or keys have been supplied to contractors or ‎subcontractors. The best way to help your community decrease property crime is to get connected to your neighbourhood, pay attention to your surroundings, and report any criminal or suspicious activity to the police. Public safety is everyone’s responsibility and together we can make it harder for thieves.