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Bullying is the repeated and harmful behaviour subjected by one or more persons on another. The victims of bullying are often powerless or lack the self-confidence to prevent this behaviour. Bullying comes in five different versions: Cyber – spreading false rumours about another person via email messages, MSN, and webpages; Physical – pushing, punching, kicking, and […]

Internet Safety for Children & Teenagers

The Internet opens your home to a wealth of information for you and your children. However, this same openness can expose your children to potential threats. To keep your children safe, we would encourage you to consider establishing family rules in using the Internet such as: Computer is to be situated in a public area […]

Computer & Internet Safety

With the spread of technology, we perform many conveniences on the computer ranging from emailing to financial transactions. With this ease of use, we increase the threat of exploitation and fraud. You can protect yourself by: using a password which consists of both letters and numbers which make it difficult for others to guess. Avoid […]

Sexual Abuse of Children

Sexual abuse of children often entails the misuse of power by someone who manipulates, tricks, forces, or coerces a child into sexual conduct. In most cases, the children feel too embarrassed, ashamed, or threatened to report the abuse to a teacher, social worker, nurse, doctor, parent, or police. Some warning signs in children which may indicate sexual abuse are […]

Automatic Banking Machines, Debit & Credit Cards

Automatic Bank Machines (ABMs) and debit cards are common devices used to access your money. To increase the security and reduce the risks to you, we are recommending that you consider the following steps: never lend your debit card out to anyone; change your PIN number at least once a month; review your bank and credit […]