Youth violence is a serious matter which should never be overlooked. This violence can consist of bullying, intimidation, extortion, physical assaults, robbery, and even murder. In some cases, this type of youth violence can result in a youth suicide if appropriate support and assistance is not provided. Many individuals use violence as a source of power over individuals to exert their will and dominance.

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Through a collective effort of the Port Moody Police Department, teachers, and parents, steps can be taken to significantly reduce youth violence in our City. These steps are as follows:

  • acknowledge that there is a problem and it does affect everyone;
  • don’t react to violence with more violence;
  • collaborate to find ways to help stop youth violence in the schools, in parks, on the street, and at home;
  • involve the school’s student council to promote positive alternative activities for the youth;
  • publish news articles outlining the true problems in the community and outline what activities everyone can do to help;

To increase the safety and awareness of your children, you may wish to educate your children by:

  • having a tag on young children’s clothing which includes: their name, address, home telephone number;
  • teaching that they are to run to the nearest business or home when they feel threatened and dial 911 for help;
  • advising your children not to take shortcuts home and not to go anywhere without first getting your permission;
  • advising your children not to play in isolated areas of parks or playgrounds and to avoid public washrooms;
  • teaching your children not to approach a stranger in a car or help a stranger look for a missing pet in an isolated area;
  • taking them for a walk through your neighbourhood and showing them the danger areas and safer places;
  • accompanying your young children on Halloween, paper route, and fundraising sales;
  • not leaving your children under 12 at home, alone;
  • making arrangements with the school to inform you when your children are absent from school;
  • never leaving your children alone in the car especially with the keys in the ignition;
  • telling them:
    • to never accept a ride or candy from a stranger;
    • that it is okay to say NO to an adult;
    • that it is not okay for anyone to touch their body;
    • to run to a nearby house or business and telephone the police if they feel they are being followed or someone has tried to pull them into a vehicle;
  • asking to meet and know all their friends as well as their parents;
  • providing them with a list of telephone numbers in the event of an emergency.

To provide yourself with additional information on Youth Violence, we encourage you to go to this website –

The Port Moody Police Department’s Community Policing Section is available at 604-461-3456 to provide you advice and assistance if you require it.