A purse snatching incident can occur at any time and any place. To reduce the risk and physical harm to yourself, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • never place a purse strap around your neck or wrap it around your wrist;
  • be aware of your surroundings and individuals coming close to you;
  • when individuals approach you, look confident and greet them by saying “good morning” or “good afternoon;”
  • if possible have a friend accompany you when out walking;
  • don’t leave your purse draped over a chair when you are in a restaurant;
  • do not leave your purse in an unattended shopping cart or change room;
  • when working, don’t leave your purse in open view. Instead, you should lock it away in a filing cabinet or desk drawer;
  • consider using a fanny pack or waist pouch instead of a purse;
  • carry your car keys separate from your purse so that in the event your purse is stolen you can still get into your car;
  • keep a minimal amount of cash with you in your purse. Use credit or debit cards to make your purchases;
  • have a photocopy of all the cards and documents normally contained within your purse. In the event your purse is stolen, you can contact the appropriate agencies with your specific details. This photocopy should be retained at home in a convenient place to be located quickly;
  • if someone grabs your purse while you are holding it, release your purse;
  • scream and yell for assistance; and
  • quickly make a mental note of the physical description of the thief, the vehicle he may be driving, anyone accompanying him, and his direction of travel. This information should be conveyed to the Port Moody Police Department as soon as possible.

If you are attacked and your purse is stolen, immediately dial 9-1-1 and the Port Moody Police Department will attend immediately.

For more information on purse snatching, we suggest that you visit this website – SafeCanada – Purse Snatching.