Emergency: Dial 9-1-1 Non-Emergency: 604-461-3456

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 604-461-3456

Port Moody Police Department // Serving the community since 1913.

Front Counter Section

Our Front Counter Section is currently staffed by one full-time and one part-time employee. Other Department Support Staff provide assistance when work demands warrant it. Their responsibility is to provide assistance to all walk-in traffic and staff the Department’s main switchboard. In addition, they process all requests for Police Information Checks, Police Certificates, and answer general police enquiries. These positions are multi-faceted and provide exceptional front line services to our walk-in clients.

Our Front Counter staff endeavour to provide the best possible services to the general public and strive to have a quick turnaround on all requests. The Front Counter Section is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 10 PM.

Police Certificates

A Police Certificate is only issued for people who are leaving the country for an extended period of time. This includes visa applicants, foreign travel, and foreign work permits. Please note: You cannot obtain a Police Certificate if you have a criminal conviction.

Immigration Purposes

You must bring a letter or form from the Immigration Department detailing what it is you need e.g. Fingerprints, National Clearance from the RCMP. We will accept documents printed by you off the Internet.


Individuals are fingerprinted at the Port Moody Police Department for the following reasons:

  • confirm identity;
  • Court Ordered to register a criminal conviction;
  • employment;
  • immigration;
  • pardon;
  • citizenship applicant; or
  • name change.

Fingerprinting is only available on Wednesday and Thursday morning and on an appointment basis. Please telephone 604-461-3456 to arrange for a fingerprinting appointment.


Individuals wishing to seek a pardon should contact the National Parole Board at 1-800-874-2652 or visit their website (http://www.npb-cnlc.gc.ca/pardons/pardon_e.htm) to obtain an information guide and application form. Once the forms have been completed, individuals will need to provide their fingerprints to the Port Moody Police Department. Telephone the Port Moody Police Department at 604-461-3456 to arrange a time for fingerprinting.

Name Changes

Individuals wishing to change their name should visit the British Columbia Vital Statistics website (http://www.vs.gov.bc.ca/name/howto.html). As outlined on the Vital Statistics website, these individuals will need to be fingerprinted. Telephone the Port Moody Police Department at 604-461-3456 to arrange a time for fingerprinting.