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Port Moody Police Department // Serving the community since 1913.

Freedom of Information Requests

The Port Moody Police Department’s release of police reports and other information is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIPPA”).

How to Request Police Records

To request a copy of records believed to be held by our office, please complete a Request for Access to Records form. If you are requesting records containing information about yourself, we will require a photocopy of your government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport. There is no charge to obtain your own personal information. You may submit the documents in person, by mail, or by fax.

If you are an insurance company, law firm, or other service provider seeking records involving your client, you may submit your request in letter form, enclosing a written authorization from your client for us to release information, as well as our current fee. We will not begin processing your request until all of these items have been received.


In accordance with FOIPPA, Port Moody Police Department charges reasonable fees for the release of records. Again, there is no charge for an individual to request their own personal information. In applicable cases, prepayment of our fees is required before records will be released. It may be necessary to make an initial request to determine what records exist and what fees are applicable before submitting your cheque.

Delivery of Response

We will mail your response to your address as indicated on the request form. Alternatively, upon request, we will phone you to pick up your response at our office. We do not fax or email responses out of concern for personal privacy.

Time for Response

All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Pursuant to FOIPPA, we have up to thirty business days to respond to your request, unless an extension for a further thirty days is granted by reason of the number of records requested, the regular time limit is not sufficient to locate the records, or the Port Moody Police Department must consult with third parties before access can be granted. Usually we respond well within the initial 30 day period.


When you receive your response, you may notice that certain information has been blacked out or severed. The Port Moody Police Department must comply with the strict guidelines for the release of information as set out in FOIPPA. For example, we must withhold the personal information of third parties, and may withhold information that could harm a law enforcement matter or information that we have received from another government agency. Other information may be severed depending on the nature of the request. Of course, if we sever information, we will explain our reasons for doing so.

For More Information

Detailed information about the application of FOIPPA to the records of public bodies such as Port Moody Police Department may be found on the website of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner at http://www.oipc.bc.ca.