The Internet opens your home to a wealth of information for you and your children. However, this same openness can expose your children to potential threats.

To keep your children safe, we would encourage you to consider establishing family rules in using the Internet such as:

  • Computer is to be situated in a public area of the house;
  • Do not to provide name, address, age of the child on any website, nor should the children provide the name of their school or church. They should never assume that the person to whom they are talking is who they claim to be;
  • Do not provide internet passwords to anyone other than themselves or their parents;
  • Change their password regularly – once a month;
  • Set time limits on how long children can be on Internet;
  • No visiting inappropriate websites which contain sexually explicit text, pictures, products, or services;
  • Parents will set up all new accounts for any Internet website;
  • Reporting to a parent any harassing email messages they receive;
  • No meeting of an individual that they have met on the Internet without being supervised by a parent;
  • Never purchase anything on internet nor subscribe to a website membership without first getting the permission of a parent;
  • Never send their picture to anyone on Internet that they have met;
  • Never respond to an email message that they don’t feel comfortable about. Must advise a parent about this message;
  • Never swear or use inappropriate language on Internet messaging or email;
  • Children must first get their parents’ permission before joining a chat room. Note – Remember that chat rooms are frequently used by sexual predators;
  • Avoid installing a web camera for young children and teenagers;
  • Never accept anyone into your facebook if you don’t know them;
  • Monitor a child’s use of the Internet at all times;
  • Ensure your child is not misrepresenting their age while on the Internet;
  • Ensure your child is not posting personal information on facebook or myspace websites;

You may wish to purchase a parental monitoring software program which restricts websites that children can visit and easily monitor what websites the children are using. To determine which program is best for you, we would suggest that you speak to a computer retailer or Internet specialist.

If you feel that your child has been contacted via the Internet by an inappropriate person, please do not hesitate in contacting the Port Moody Police Department by calling 604-461-3456.

To increase your knowledge on the topic of Internet safety for your children, we would encourage you to visit this website – SafeCanada – Internet Safety.