On May 2, 2017 a complainant called to report that her vehicle had been broken into while parked at White Pine Beach.  Her purse, which contained her driver’s license, social insurance card, credit cards, and other identification was taken in the theft.

The complainant then began to experience a theft of her identity as numerous accounts were either opened or were attempted to be opened in her name, including bank accounts and cellular telephones, and her credit cards were used.  Video surveillance was obtained at a variety of locations and it was discovered that more than one person was using the identification of the victim.

The investigation ultimately lead members of the Port Moody Police Community Action Team to a residence in Surrey where they located a vehicle that was being driven with stolen license plates attached.  The driver was arrested and found to have multiple outstanding warrants.  She was also prohibited from driving and was bound by numerous court imposed conditions.

On September 8,2017 the Community Action Team executed a search warrant at a different home in Surrey in relation to this investigation.  An identity theft operation was discovered and numerous pieces of stolen identification, including driver’s licenses, Care cards, social insurance numbers and passports were located.  Forged driver’s licenses were also found.  Computers and twenty flash drives were seized and have yet to be searched.

Of note, an individual attempted to hide from members during the execution of the search warrant.  They concealed themselves under household items and were found underneath the stairs in the home.

Thieves are actively targeting parked cars and the consequences of the theft of identification can be far reaching.  Police recommend that motorists ensure that nothing is left in an unattended vehicle.

Charges have not yet been approved in this matter and the investigation is ongoing.