The following is a summary of the items of interest for the month of June 2016.

Patrols: Officers increased foot patrols at White Pine beach. Members conducted bar checks at the Brew Street, Burrard Social House, Rocky Point Tap House, and The Well.

Traffic: Officers assisted with Le Grande Traversee Cycliste Cycle Across Canada Event – Members assisted the RCMP with traffic control and provided a ‘lead’ vehicle. Cyclist escorted through Port Moody

Files of Interest:

Intoxicated in Public – On June 2nd, 2016 at 2237 hours, an employee of Dairy Queen contacted PMPD to report that there was a male outside yelling at them and urinating on a garbage can. Dairy Queen is located 3141 St Johns Street.  Based upon the male’s odour of liquor on his breath and the person along with him not knowing where he lived, Cst HUNTER arrested him for SIPP. A 1/3 full 26’er of Vodka was poured out to prevent the continuation of the offence when released. The male was held until sober. A Violation ticket was served when he was sober.

Unspecified Assistance – June 2, 2016 at 1810 hours, a complainant called Police reporting a deer stuck on her porch on Aspenwood Drive.  Members attended and observed that the deer was very young and no mother was around. The deer was clearly unable to get off the porch. Conservation attended and removed the deer which was estimated to be within its first month of life.

Consume in Public / Possession of a Controlled Substance – On June 4th, 2016 at 0040 hours, Cst’s HUNTER and MASCHKE conducted foot patrols at a local elementary school. Four youths were located consuming alcohol. 8 full cans of Bud Light beer, 2 full cans of Okanagan Cider, 3/4 full bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and 20 grams of bulk Marijuana was seized. All were placed into exhibits for destruction.

Intoxicated Male / Overdose – At 0231 hours, a male was located lying on the sidewalk in the 2800 block of St JOHNS St. Upon waking him, the male appeared lucid but somewhat disoriented.  He refused a check by EHS and advised he wanted to go to a residence on St Johns St.  He was not thought to be intoxicated and was allowed to proceed.  Shortly thereafter a 911 call was received from that residence with the caller advising that the same male was acting strangely on the sundeck and wanted him removed. Sgt MORRISON attended and found the male grunting unintelligibly, sweating profusely from head to toe and shaking his head back and forth. When spoken to, he seemed to come out of this state but was fairly belligerent and not seeming to be aware of his actions. This was a marked difference in his state from the first encounter and BC Ambulance (EHS) was requested as it was believed that the male may have entered in the initial stages of an Excited Delirium.

EHS and PMFD attended and the male’s condition worsened and he was transported to Eagle Ridge Hospital. During questioning by EHS paramedics it is believed that the male admitted to using fentanyl.

Assist Eagle Ridge Hospital – On June 6, 2016 at 1113 hours, a staff member of Eagle Ridge Hospital contacted PMPD to report that a patient had been discharged but was refusing to leave the hospital. Cst LONG and Cst AYRE attended ERH and located the patient in a bed in the emergency room. The patient had visible abrasions on her face and legs and used various stalling tactics including taking her time to put clothes on, demanding food from hospital staff, and taking extra time in the bathroom but eventually departed from the hospital at the direction of police. Hospital staff provided the patient with two bus passes. Police transported her to an area near Lougheed Highway and Raleigh Street in Port Coquitlam at her request.

Assist US Police Agency – On June 6, 2016 at approximately 0900 hours, PMPD received a fax from the Hamilton Township Police Department (HTPD) in New Jersey, USA advising of a $103,000 fraud that possibly originated in Port Moody. More specifically, on April 8, 2016 the victim was instructed by a “Christopher Quinn” to send money through Western Union for tax purposes as she had “won” a lottery of $1,500,000.   The victim reportedly sent $43,000 to 110 Brew St, Port Moody and $50,000 to an address on Morrissey Rd, Port Moody.

The Victim stated to the HTPD investigator that she made several other transactions raising the total amount sent to $103,000. The Victim was informed that a white limo would present her with her winnings. After a few days passed, the victim attempted to call the male back but the phone number was no longer in service. The Victim contacted the police at that time.

Cause Disturbance / Intoxicated in Public – On June 7, 2016 at 01:13 hours, report from the complainant regarding a domestic dispute that related to her 21 year old daughter. Members to scene and we spoke to the involved parties.  The daughter had been drinking liquor earlier this evening and became verbally violent towards the other family members. The complainant attempted to diffuse the situation and the daughter started to throw items around the house so she called police for assistance. Arrangements made for the daughter to stay with a friend in the same apartment complex. However shortly after the daughter returned to the original suite, forcing the occupants to leave as they were concerned about her behavior. Subsequently the daughter was arrested for Cause Disturbance and Intoxicated in a Public place and held in police custody pending her release later this date.

Domestic Assault – On June 7, 2016 at 0510 hours the complainant called police to report a domestic assault.  The complainant advised he heard a male yelling at a female and also witnessed the male kick the female who was completely naked running down Henry Street.  Police attended and spoke to the female victim who advised she had been assaulted by her boyfriend / common law husband.  Police located the husband and subsequently arrested, chartered and transported to PMPD cells.

Break and Enter (Residence) – On June 8, 2016 at 1418 hours, the complainant reported a Break and Enter to his suite.  The complainant reported that the Break and Enter occurred within the preceding 3 hours. Unknown person/s defeated the door to enter the suite. Once inside, suspect/s located a safe containing three (3) firearms which were stolen.  A neighbor canvass located witnesses who reported having heard a loud bang about the time the Break and Enter is said to have occurred. Firearms serial numbers added to CPIC.

Stolen Auto Recovered / Assist Edmonton Police – On June 9th, 2016 at 1132 hours, while on regular patrol Cst HUNTER observed a vehicle parked in Rocky Point Park located in the 2800 block of Murray Street. This vehicle had an odour of smoked Marijuana around the vehicle as Cst HUNTER drove past. Cst HUNTER staged far from the vehicle. That vehicle drove past and an odour of smoked Marijuana could still be detected. While in motion that vehicle was queried over the police radio. Cst HUNTER conducted a traffic stop on Murray St and just before Moody Street over pass. As Cst HUNTER exited the police vehicle, that vehicle accelerated away and travelled E/B on Murray Street. PMPD dispatch replied that vehicle to be stolen from Alberta and that the occupants are considered armed and dangerous. That vehicle was re-acquired by Air 1 as it continued onto Barnet Hwy toward Burnaby.  Air 1 advised that vehicle had turned off into Barnet Marine Park. That vehicle was boxed into the marine park and then drove onto the railroad tracks E/B. That vehicle was located abandoned just east of Reed Point Way. Multiple agencies, Air-1, Burnaby RCMP, Coquitlam RCMP, CP Police, 3x LMD K-9 units, LMD ERT units and PMPD responded and set up containment. One 13 year old female, and two males, were arrested for Possession of Stolen Property and outstanding arrest warrants. All were Chartered and booked into holding cells.  The two males were returned to Edmonton Police and the juvenile female was released into the custody of the Ministry of Children and Families.

Assist Immigration / Warrant Arrest – On June 9th 2016 at approximately 1910 hours an off-duty VPD member called to report a suspicious male acting oddly around the 2600 block of St. Johns Street Port Moody and possibly smoking drugs out of a can. The male was described as a muscular build with a white shirt and a black back pack. Cst. WEISTRA attended and observed a male matching that exact description looking into the pizzeria shop window on Moody Street and St. Johns Street, Port Moody. Cst. WEISTRA identified the male and determined that there was an outstanding Immigration arrest warrant.  A Conference call was held with CBSA, and a Polish interpreter.  As a result of the conference call an order for detention was issued by CBSA under section 55 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  The male was subsequently transferred to a holding facility maintained by CBSA

Domestic Dispute / Breach of Recognizance – On June 10th, 2016 at approximately 2316 hours the Port Moody Police received a call from an anonymous female advising her friend had asked that 911 be called because there was a male in her house, located on Dewdney Trunk Road, who she had a restraining order against. Cst BALAKRISHNAN, Cst SLEDDING and Sgt DUNGEY attended and located this male hiding on the floor beside the bed in the female’s bedroom. The male was arrested for breaching the conditions on his Recognizance and Probation order. The male is currently on Probation (suspended sentence) for assaulting this female as well as the Recognizance for Breach and assault on the same female. The male was transported to cells and held for a bail hearing.

Stolen Auto Recovered / Firearm Recovered – On June 12, the Port Moody Police received a report of a vehicle having struck a pole on Maple Court. Occupants were seen leaving the vehicle. The Police Information System indicated that the vehicle had had insurance purchased with stolen credit cards. The Registered Owner of the record was contacted who confirmed that she had been victim of a TFA and since then was the repeated victim of identity theft.  A Police K9 unit attended and attempted to locate occupants but was not able to.  Vehicle towed to Ident bay in hopes evidence might be retrieved. Initial search of the vehicle resulted in retrieval of a loaded 9mm handgun form a backpack in the trunk. Also in the trunk was a large quantity of mail that was believed to be stolen, and a female’s purse. ID was found in the purse belonging to a female who has an extensive history of Robbery and theft. Mail located in the vehicle from Balsam Place and Aspenwood Drive.

Multiple Collisions / Fail to remain – On June 12, 2016 at approximately 1041 hours, PMPD received multiple calls for MVI’s involving the same black truck.  This truck was involved in a 3 vehicle MVI at Williams at St Johns, a single vehicle MVI at Ioco, a single vehicle MVI in Coquitlam, a MVI with a median and traffic control device and then the last MVI at Cecile and Clarke.  The vehicle then parked up on the curb in front of the Registered Owner’s residence.  The driver then fled on foot with no direction of travel.  The dog track went directly to the door of Registered owner’s address.  Through investigation it was determined that the driver was the Registered owner.  This person was arrested and subsequently released to attend court at a later date.

Suicidal Person – On June 13, 2016 at approximately 1811 hours the complainant called to report that her mother had left a note at her residence which appeared to be suicidal in nature. The mother has history of suicidal ideations. She returned home while members were there, was assessed and apprehended under Sec 28 MHA. Transported to RCH where she was certified.

Suicidal Person – On June 13, 2016 at approximately 2218 hours a complainant called to report that her roommate was having suicidal ideations and had left their residence.  The suicidal person was located near her building, was assessed and apprehended under Sec 28 MHA. This person became violent during transport to RCH necessitating use of the Body Cuff restraint device.  This person was released from custody when RCH staff declined to certify them after a 2 hour wait.

Break and Enter (Residence) – On June 14, 2016 at 1118 hours the complainant, reported her bike had been stolen from her parents garage located on Heritage Mountain sometime between mid-April and report time.  The bike was described as a Black and Pink Norco valued at $839 dollars.  The victim reported no forced entry.  Sgt FAULKNER attended the home and noted the only access to the garage would be through the garage itself or through the home.  The victim believed it had to be someone entering through the garage.  No other items were reported stolen and there were no signs of forced entry.  The victim indicates on occasion they leave the garage door open so it was impossible to pinpoint when the incident occurred.  IDENT considered but not required.

Suspicious Person – On June 17, 2016, at 0330 hours SGT FAULKNER observed a male laying on the ground in front of Moody Center Station.  The male looked like he could have been intoxicated.  Upon approach the male suddenly stood up.  He was observed to be wearing red pants and shirt with a black leather jacket.  Upon speaking with the male he was somewhat fixated on SGT. FAULKENR’s Taser.   The male also displayed signs of mental health issues.  Checks on the police database showed he was possibly Armed and Dangerous.  The male was identified as a male who was homeless out of Vancouver.  This male indicated he was waiting for the Skytrain at Moody Center Station.  He indicated he was just released from North Fraser Pre-Trial two days ago.  He was observed to be still wearing the red prisoner garb they get issued.   The male was directed to the bus stop after explaining the Skytrain station he was at was not operational yet.

Drug Possession – On June 18, 2016 at 2250 hours, Cst MCCUAIG checked a black 2011 Toyota Corolla parked on Fourth Ave and Third St, Port Moody. The driver produced valid photo ID on request.  A strong smell of vegetative marijuana was emanating from inside the vehicle. The driver was removed from vehicle and arrested. Section 10a, 10b and Official Warning read.   A Marijuana joint located in driver’s side door panel and a Ziploc baggie with 4.0 grams marijuana locate in the passenger’s purse.   The drugs were seized and subjects released.

Youths Gathering – At approximately 2251 hours, a Port Moody City Works employee personally advised members of a large gathering of youths at the lacrosse box on Westhill Place.  Members located approximately 20 youths at that location. Most were sober with only a few showing signs of intoxication and they advised that they were celebrating Grad. The group cleaned up the area of cans and bottles without complaint. All drivers sobriety was ensured and the area was cleared without incident. The group was very cooperative and polite; no issues.

Assist Ambulance – On June 22, 2016 at approximately 20:24 hours, report by EHS dispatcher regarding a 11 year old girl had been shot in the head with a pellet gun in the area of Forest Parkway, Port Moody. Members attended and investigation revealed the injury(minor & superficial) had been caused accidentally by a rock thrown by one of the injured parties young friends.  The injured girl was taken to RCH for minor medical treatment.  There was no indication where the initial report of the pellet gun had originated.

Domestic Dispute / Drug Cultivation – On June 23, 2016 at approximately 2124 hours, PMPD received a call of a domestic in progress.  Members attended and located a male and female who were the subjects of the domestic disturbance.  Both subjects were originally in the suite upon police attendance but quickly came out to meet police.  The attending members entered the suite to determine no parties were injured inside and to clear the suite.  Upon entrance a CDSA grow operation was located in plain view.  The apartment was approximately 700 square feet and the grow operation consisted of the main living area, master bedroom and master bathroom.  Approximately 60-75 plants (very poor condition), grow equipment and a few pounds of budded marijuana was located in the suite.  BC Hydro attended, and determined there were no safety concerns, bypasses or any other issues.  Power remained on in suite. Grow-operation was dismantled and no damage was noted to the suite.  The male and female were allowed to return to suite after being released on court documents.

Collision / Stolen Vehicle Recovered – On June 25, 2016 at 0455 hours a witness reported to Ecomm dispatch of being woken up to a crashing sound. The witness looked outside and noticed that a grey Honda Civic had crashed into another vehicle along 2000 Panorama Drive. When the unknown male suspect could not drive away, he fled on foot eastbound along Panorama Drive. Members responded and immediately set-up containment. In looking inside the vehicle, the steering column assembly had been removed. Police Dog Services (PDS) were called out and initiated a track eastbound along Panorama Drive. The track eventually ended on David Ave and containment was subsequently broken off.  The grey Honda Civic was towed back to the PMPD Ident bay for processing. The parked vehicle hit was towed to Coquitlam Towing. CPIC request sent for Burnaby RCMP to attend the registered owner’s, to confirm the grey Honda Civic was stolen.