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Youth Violence

Youth violence is a serious matter which should never be overlooked. This violence can consist of bullying, intimidation, extortion, physical assaults, robbery, and even murder. In some cases, this type of youth violence can result in a youth suicide if appropriate support and assistance is not provided. Many individuals use violence as a source of […]

Marijuana Grow-Ops

Marijuana Grow-Ops are big business in Canada. However, this type of business comes at a high price and it is often unwitting property owners and neighbours who end up paying. Reupload photo: http://portmoodypolice.ca/images/stories/etc/grow_op_1.jpg Grow-ops typically require 3 to 10 times more power than a traditional home. To avoid detection, growers may by-pass the electrical meter and utilize unsafe […]

Gang and Anti-Gang Activities

Gangs and Organized Crime affect the daily lives of all Canadians. Higher health care costs, higher taxes, higher policing costs, and higher utility and insurance rates are just a few of the obvious implications for the average Canadian. In fact, it is estimated that economic-related organized crime costs Canadians $5 billion every year, or about […]

Combating Auto Theft

According to 2007 ICBC statistics, on an average day in British Columbia 44 vehicles are stolen and 70 vehicles are broken into. We need everyone’s assistance to combat auto theft and theft from vehicles. You can help by undertaking the following steps: invest in a good anti-theft device; avoid parking behind fences or hedges; park […]

Impaired Driving

The Port Moody Police Department has a zero-tolerance for Impaired Driving and all of our members are trained to actively detect and detain impaired drivers. To protect yourself and everyone on our streets and highways, we ask that you not drink and drive. For information on the consequences of driving while under the influence of […]