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Clandestine Laboratories

A clandestine laboratory is an illicit operation involving a combination of apparatuses and chemicals that have been, or could be, used in the manufacture of dangerous drugs. These laboratories are extremely volatile and can explode, ignite, and emit odourless and colourless lethal gases. These fumes, gases, and liquid by-products can be ingested, absorbed through the […]

Date Rape

Across Canada and North America, there is a growing trend for sexual predators to use date rape or club drugs to obtain sex from an unsuspecting victim. Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine are date rape drugs that can be used to assault victims at clubs, house parties, bars, and on dates. These drugs are easily dissolved in […]

Sexual Exploitation (Prostitution)

No segment of our society is immune to sexual exploitation. Parents must be vigilant in protecting their children. Youth from a wide range of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds are targeted and recruited into the sex trade. The police in Canada are seeing a marked increase in children and youth being forced into prostitution. Runaways […]

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a widespread problem in our society. This type of violence can happen to anyone. Domestic violence consists of many different types of violence and abuse: Spousal Abuse Violence against Children Elder Abuse Regardless of the types of abuse or violence, the abuse usually falls within one of the following categories: Physical – […]


Bullying is the repeated and harmful behaviour subjected by one or more persons on another. The victims of bullying are often powerless or lack the self-confidence to prevent this behaviour. Bullying comes in five different versions: Cyber – spreading false rumours about another person via email messages, MSN, and webpages; Physical – pushing, punching, kicking, and […]