Robbery is a crime that, historically, has been focused on banks, credit unions, and businesses. However, a more recent trend has been the robbery of individuals in public.

To prevent and minimize injury to robbery victims, we are recommending the following steps:

  • businesses should have an operational video surveillance system;
  • cashier locations should be situated close to the front window so that passing motorists and pedestrians can detect unusual activities;
  • notify the Port Moody Police Department if there are suspicious individuals hanging around outside the business;
  • exterior portions of the business should be well lit to discourage robbers from hiding in the shadows;
  • remove all bushes which block the clear view of the front entrance of the building;
  • do not keep large sums of money in the cash register or on the premises;
  • use a drop-off safe or night deposit at a local financial institution;
  • have at least two staff dropping off money at a financial institution;
  • remain calm if a robber produces a demand note;
  • do not antagonize the robber as the weapon he/she has may be loaded;
  • look at the robber and make a mental note of his/her physical description;
  • watch the direction of travel of the robber after he/she leaves the business and any vehicle license numbers associated to them;
  • after the robber has left the business, immediately dial 911 and the Port Moody Police Department will attend immediately;
  • immediately thereafter, lock the business until the police arrive;
  • ask all the individuals in the business to remain there until the police arrive;
  • do not touch anything that may have been touched by the robber; and
  • save the robbery note and present it to the police when they arrive.

The Port Moody Police Department offers a free service to come and conduct a robbery session with you and your staff. To make an appointment, please telephone the Port Moody Police Department at 604-461-3456 and ask to speak to someone in our Community Policing Section.

If you wish more information on the topic of robberies – visit this website – SafeCanada – Robbery.