Bullying is the repeated and harmful behaviour subjected by one or more persons on another. The victims of bullying are often powerless or lack the self-confidence to prevent this behaviour.

Bullying comes in five different versions:

  • Cyber – spreading false rumours about another person via email messages, MSN, and webpages;
  • Physical – pushing, punching, kicking, and vandalism;
  • Sexual – unwanted or unwelcomed sexual comments made to another individual or rumours spread about another person;
  • Social – rumours and gossip which are hurtful and belittling toward another person; and
  • Verbal – name-calling, threats, taunting, and insults.

There are many reasons why a person bullies another person:

  • to increase their profile in a group;
  • pressure into bullying by a peer group;
  • follow pattern seen at home;
  • jealousy; and
  • have been bullied themselves;

The best way to combat bullying is for the victim to:

  • Report the situation to their parent, teacher, or other adult;
  • Stand up to the bully by telling them to stop;
  • Walk away and ignore the bullying; and
  • Be confident – children are less likely to be bullied if they are confident in themselves.

If your children are being bullied and want a police officer’s perspective or assistance, please do not hesitate in calling the Port Moody Police Department at 604-461-3456.

You may wish to visit these websites for more information about bullying – SafeCanada – Bullying.