Last week, on November 16, 2017, six members of the Port Moody Police and their families were invited to attend the Police Honours Night Ceremony in Victoria, B.C. All six officers were recognized by the Lieutenant Governor for their incredible acts of bravery and valour in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

The Police Honours Night is an annual occasion whereupon the Lieutenant Governor and the Solicitor General recognize individual police officers within the province who have performed an exemplary service for their community.

The honourees are selected by a committee comprising of members of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Policing and Security Programs Branch. There are generally two types of awards presented with the deserving recipients receiving a provincial medal and a ribbon.

The 1st award is for Valourous Service:

This is considered to be the highest award for a police officer in British Columbia. It involves an act of exceptional valour in the face of extreme hazard. It is awarded to police officers who have taken action, placing themselves at substantial risk of serious injury or death, for the benefit of others.

The 2nd award is for Meritorious Service:

This award is for exemplary performance which enhances the image of police officers in British Columbia. It is awarded to officers who have clearly demonstrated that they have acted in a manner significantly beyond the standard normally expected.

The Honourees:

Cst. Steve McCuaig – Valourous Service

Cst. George Hunter – Valourous Service

Sgt. Paul Dungey – Meritorious Service

Cst. Samantha Balakrishnan – Meritorious Service

Cst. Ryan West – Meritorious Service

Cst. Brent Morson – Valourous Service

Circumstances of Events:

  1. Homicide Investigation:
  2. On July 11, 2016, the above members urgently responded to a report of domestic violence at a home in Port Moody. Upon arrival the officers found several young children in imminent danger as a fire had been started within the family home. The attending officers acted quickly and decisively to ensure the safety of the children. They extracted all occupants from the burning home and rendered assistance to victims prior to Fire and Ambulance arrival. Unfortunately the mother of the rescued children succumbed to her injuries as a result of the fire. Homicide charges were laid against the husband of the victim.
  3. Five members of Port Moody Police Department: Cst McCuaig, Cst Hunter, Sgt Dungey, Cst Balakrishnan and Cst West are recognized for their Valourous Service and/or Meritorious Service in relation to a homicide.
  4. Home Invasion:
  5. On behalf of the entire community, the Port Moody Police Department proudly acknowledges the courage, calm leadership, and heroic actions of each of the above-noted members. We congratulate them for their much deserved awards.
  6. Cst Morson and his service dog immediately pursued the fleeing suspects in a desperate attempt to escape capture. The suspects were tracked, in the dark, by Cst Morson through a maze of bramble bushes before finally being located and arrested.
  7. Police immediately entered the home and intervened in the home invasion. The Integrated Police Service Dog, and its handler, Cst Morson, were at scene when one of the suspects discharged a weapon within the home. Police were successful in taking several of the armed suspects into custody inside the home, as other suspects fled to the outside.
  8. On November 29, 2016, police responded to a report of a home invasion in Maple Ridge, B.C. where four armed suspects broke into a home and were assaulting the occupants. Other victims within the home (including a child) attempted to run and hide from the suspects.

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