Automatic Bank Machines (ABMs) and debit cards are common devices used to access your money. To increase the security and reduce the risks to you, we are recommending that you consider the following steps:

  • never lend your debit card out to anyone;
  • change your PIN number at least once a month;
  • review your bank and credit card statements at least once a month and report any unknown transactions to your financial institution as soon as possible;
  • memorize your PIN number and never write it down. If you forget it then return to your financial institution and have a new card issued to you;
  • never give your PIN number to anyone;
  • have the card ready when approaching an Automatic Bank Machine in order to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Never count your money after receiving it. If you wish to count the money – wait until you are in your car;
  • be aware of any suspicious persons loitering around an Automatic Banking Machine. If you feel uncomfortable then immediately leave the area and telephone the police with a full description of the suspicious individual;
  • shield the key pad when you are entering your PIN number to prevent anyone from seeing your PIN number;
  • report any missing debit cards or credit cards to your financial institution as well as to the police;
  • photocopy the fronts and backs of your debit and credit cards. Keep this photocopy at home for quick reference when you need it;
  • never volunteer your credit card number to callers who tell you that you have won a prize but you must pay the taxes;
  • have a separate credit card with a low limit for all transactions which you do on the Internet; and
  • keep your credit card with you at all times and never leave your wallet or a purse unattended.

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If you have any questions or concerns about potential misuse of an Automated Banking Machine, debit card, or credit card, you should immediately contact your financial institution and the Port Moody Police Department – 604-461-3456.

You can obtain more information on debit cards and credit cards by visiting this website –SafeCanada – Credit Cards.